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The wide-brimmed high-top cowboy hat is stylish and cool, do you know its history?


In the United States, ranch workers who live by grazing cattle and grazing horses are called "cowboys". In American history, "cowboys" are the pioneers in the development of the west, and they are called "heroes on horseback" by Americans. We can imagine in our minds A group of pioneers marching in the wild west of the movie, they are brave, free and unruly! The hats worn by these cowboys are called "cowboy hats" and are known for their high crowns and wide eaves.

 cowboy hat

New Jersey's young hatmaker John Stetson (John Stetson) created this cowboy hat. Once, Stetson was traveling and found a beaver. He made a hat out of beaver skin. On the way, he met a cowboy who liked the hat very much and gave Stesen $5. The cowboy found that the hat had too many advantages. The wide side of the hat blocked the sun, which helped protect the face and neck from sunburn; the high top provided a bag of air as a heat insulation material, which can be kept in winter Heat, animal fur felt hats are also the most waterproof, able to withstand rain and snow. In addition, cowboy hats can also be used as an emergency to feed horses as buckets; when sleeping outdoors during the day, you can use a hat to block the light; when sleeping on the ground at night, you can even use the hat to make pillows, etc. Isn’t it fun?


Since then, cowboys have been wearing hats with similar designs. Now the cowboy hat, handsome and wild shape, fashion trend, cool and handsome are natural! You don't have to be a cowboy to enjoy wearing cowboy hats.