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How to choose a straw hat

Face and straw hat: People with white face, any color straw hat is suitable, especially bright colors, which can bring out the white skin pink; people with dark faces are suitable for a slightly lighter color, such as beige, Fire yellow, etc., but should not be pure white or pure black, because it can make the skin look darker.

Face and straw hat: a small face with a small brim can make the face look bigger; a person with a big face should choose a big brim, which will make you look more charming; people with round faces and big faces are best. Don't wear a hat with a similar shape to avoid the disadvantages of the face. Slim people and petite people are suitable for wearing a small hat. Those who are tall and full-bodied are suitable to wear a slightly larger hat. In this way, the face can be covered and elegant, and the front edge of the hat can be pushed up slightly. Faces can make people look good and rejuvenate.