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How to clean and maintain the hat

Cleaning and maintenance of straw hats:
First, dustproof and anti-deformation, in the process of wearing, you should remind everyone that after the hat is taken off, don't just put it on the coat rack, or put it on the coat hook, do not press heavy objects on it, so as to avoid deformation. If you buy a straw hat when the seller has a hat, it is best to put it directly on the cap. If you don't wear it for a long time, put a clean cloth or plastic paper on the straw hat to prevent dust from entering the gap between the paper and grass;
Second, moisture-proof: Before putting the straw hat on, put the straw hat up and ventilate for 10 minutes to remove the moisture generated by the human body:
Third, clean: If it is dirty, you can wrap it on your finger with a clean cotton cloth, gently rub it with water, then dry it. Do not put a plastic bag when it is wet, to prevent mildew on the grass.