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What are the types of hats?

There are many types of hats, such as snow caps, rain hats, sun hats, hard hats, dust caps, night caps, work caps, travel caps, hats, etc. Male hats, female hats, children's hats, baby hats, minority hats, couple hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military caps, police caps, professional hats, etc.; according to the production materials, there are leather caps, felt hats, woolen caps , long-haired hat, cashmere hat, straw hat, bamboo bucket, etc.; according to the style characteristics, there are berets, caps, bell caps, triangle caps, forward caps, youth caps, shawl caps, bonnets, Longjiang hat, Beijing-style hat, Shanxi hat, cotton ear cap, octagonal cap, melon cap, tiger head cap and so on.