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Precautions for cleaning the paper straw hat


Paper grass hats, as the name implies, are made of paper materials with large components, so paper straw hats can not be washed with water. It must be remembered that they should not be washed directly with water soaked paper straw hats.


Paper grass hat cleaning method 1, wet towel wipe


Use a wet tissue to gently wipe the dirty area along the texture of the hat. If the stain that is difficult to remove is oily, just drop a small drop of detergent and wipe it gently with a wet towel. Wipe it clean and wipe it with a clean wet towel. Clean the detergent, and finally put the paper hat in a cool place to dry.


Wipe method reminder: wet towel can not contain too much water, Xiaobian has a suggestion, that is, the towel is completely wet first, and then hung up to dry the water after use for wiping, that is, the towel is in a semi-dry state.


Paper grass hat cleaning method 2, fast brushing


The premise of using the brushing method is to make sure that your paper hat is waterproof. The water-repellent paper-grass hat is not so easy to appear soft and rot. Although it is waterproofed, the brushing method should be used to clean the straw hat within 3 minutes. Quick brushing is a very elegant method, so Xiaobian suggested, or use the method of safety insurance - wipe with a wet towel.


Quick brush reminder: If you use the brushing method, the paper straw hat will be covered by the flushed water for a short time, so the paper straw hat will drip, but you can't take the hat to the sun, because the wet paper straw hat is easy to be exposed. Scrap, so no matter what method is used to clean the paper straw hat, put the hat in a cool, ventilated and dry place.