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Beach hat DIY, this summer makes you "hat" beautiful!


Hat is every beauty of love

One of the indispensable fashion items

It can cover your big oil when you are lazy and don't want to wash your hair.

Sleeping and slumbering

It can save your explosive bird's nest hairstyle

Sisters party self-timer concave shape, it is a wild little helper


Hot summer sun

Going out for half an hour, tanning a degree

Three layers of sunscreen

Can't stop the hot sun

Put on a beach hat

Lifting sunscreen while lifting face value

Let it be poisoned by the sun, you will not be tanned


Summer in the "cap"

Hat styles vary in color

But all are similar, lacking in characteristics

So how do you stand out and refuse to hit the cap?

How to wear a wonderful, walk in the forefront of fashion


this weekend

Rongsheng·Ludao Rongfu Beach Hat DIY meets you cool

Hat is beautiful, decorating the trend

Use your hand brush to wave your creative ideas

Create a unique beach hat

Become the most beautiful landscape in a bright summer day


A passionate summer, the most suitable for a beach hat

Especially with your own inspiration and creativity

Wear it and watch the flowers and green grass in the summer.

Feel the warm summer breeze and the bright sunshine

Not a good summer time